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Do you work long hours and your poor pet is stuck at home? Just can’t find the time right now to take your pet for a walk? Need daily walks?  Puppy have too much energy? Going on vacation and sick of using the kennel? Check out 4 Legs and a Leash! We have a variety of services—take a look and choose the right one for you.

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Let’s get some exercise

Personalized walk with your dog(s) focusing on their specific needs.  Visits last 30 minutes and include ensuring they have fresh water and feeding if required.  Detailed service reports include photos of what your pet was up to.


A premier resort for dogs

Dog boarding in our home includes love and personal attention while you are away.  Best for socialized dogs that do well in active environments.


Drop In visits

Some pets favor their own home and familiar surroundings.  Visits last 30 minutes and include ensuring they receive food, water, medication if necessary, and TLC.  Detailed reports include eating and potty habits.  The bonus of bringing in mail/packages and keeping an eye on the home while you are away.


Cat Sitting

Cats have unique needs so we offer either 15-minute or 30-minute visits based on their personalized care requirements.  The visits include ensuring they have fresh food, water, and playtime.  A detailed report about their activities and photos will be sent.


Specialized service
  • We keep your chickens happy and healthy by continuing your daily schedule, providing fresh food and water and collecting eggs and ensuring they’re locked up safe and sound in their coops. Let us provide the care and love. They will remain happy and healthy and well cared for while you are away.

A family owned and operated business.

4 Legs and a Leash has been a premier pet care service provider since we launched in 2011. We have made it our mission to provide our clients with passion and dedication. We strive to go above and beyond to make sure all animals know we love them.

We create custom plans for each client that are implemented by a dedicated team of pet care specialists who have undergone thorough background checks, and intensive training and are all fully bonded and insured.

Peace of Mind – Outstanding communication that builds trust our employees and pet parents deserve every day. We consistently deliver safe and reliable service that puts everyone at ease.


We are all trained in Pet First Aid/ CPR.



The towns we service are: Burr Ridge, Clarendon Hills, Darien, Downers Grove, Indian Head Park, Hinsdale, Westmont, Western Springs, Willowbrook.

Complimentary meet-and-greet, in-home consultation.

Vet recommended!

Our Team

Sharon Wollenberg

Sharon strives to give all her Clients peace of mind when they can’t bring their furry family members on trips, aren’t physically able to or simply want their pup to get some exercise during the work week. Sharon is passionate about dogs and having a reliable, customized business in which her canine clients are part of the family.


Bob Wollenberg

You want to spoil your dog while you are away? Introducing…Bob! Bob, everybody loves Bob. He is the other half of the 4 Legs and Leash family and one might call him the “good cop” of the business. You want to spoil your dog while you are away? Introducing…Bob!

Owner/Pet Care Specialist


Nichole comes from a long line of animal enthusiasts. She finds it especially rewarding working with the shy, timid or misunderstood pets and winning them over. She is committed to providing excellent care for pets and their owners safely and happily.



Jill is the proud owner of an English Mastiff named Tank and a Pug named Emma. She has experience as a Vet assistant and a Groomer. She is compassionate and caring pet lover. She can meet all your pet needs big or small.

Pet Care Specialist


Marija comes with a lot of passion and experience with all kinds of animals. She has volunteered at different animal shelters. Marija has helped out with fundraising strategies, and training volunteers and staff. She has been involved with rescues, catch and release programs, and rehoming animals. She possesses a deep understanding of animals and their needs and is passionate about providing them with the highest level of care.

Pet Care Specialist


Barb is an enthusiastic dog walker who comes with a lot of experience. She has a certified therapy dog named Jessie. She also does extensive scent work with Jessie and has won many titles. She also has a Rottweiler named Rosie who does scent work too. She loves spending time with the clients’ dogs and getting to know them.

Pet Care Specialist


Karen comes with extensive experience in Pet Care from having pets her whole life. She has an unwavering love for all pets. She is passionate about rescuing animals and giving them a good life. She has a rescue dog named Nash.

Pet Care Specialist


Julie is a devoted dog owner of 2 Viszlas named Archie and Mackey

One of her favorite activities is walking her dogs. She comes with a lot of knowledge and experience to navigate new situations and the ability to understand and help with pets’ needs. She understands the importance of having a pet sitter/dog walker when clients can’t be home for long periods. She is passionate about helping clients with their pets and putting their minds at ease.

Pet Care Specialist


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